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5 Stars "Donovan is a masterful storyteller. His timely novel turns up the heat on the battle between good and evil within the big corporation. He brings the darkest impulses to the surface, and like the flawed characters of a Carl Hiaasen or Tom Wolfe story, it is the flawed corporation that is, inevitably, its own worst enemy."

- Chris O’Donnell – Host of WHHI’s Books & Authors

"Who killed the CEO?

Maynard Brennan strikes a fitting pose. At the helm of one of the largest airlines in the world, he may appear proud and in control at his large mahogany desk, but he is in fact dead, and has been for the last three sweltering summer days, the victim of a grisly murder.


Through the eyes of Caroline Woodson - a long-time flight attendant and Alta veteran - we follow the events that culminate in Maynard's murder, including the jockeying of his leadership team: Rex Wright, a flamboyant and charismatic personality with a long airline pedigree; Bernice Anthony, a financial genius who is determined to become the first woman CEO of an airline, and Trey Sperling, a young consulting wizard whose idea for an "airline within an airline" is given a green light to save the stodgy operation from further financial bleeding.

From the author of AIRLINE, Rough Air continues the story of Alta Airlines - a place where the executives are just dying to get their next bonus!

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