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 5 StarsTotally Captivating, January 24, 2005


Jutta W. Harrison

"This tale of corporate and personal developments, successes and failures must be on your reading list!

Kevin Donovan's story-telling talent created a beautifully written book which pulls you into the web of happenings and enthralls you with his flowing language. "Current Events" are perfectly interwoven and add especially interesting passages throughout this well-paced story. Don't miss a chance to read this brillant, exciting and beautifully written book - it will leave a lasting impression on you!"

5 StarsGreat Story, June 2, 2005
Reviewer: I read everything (Charlotte, NC,)
This book would be a great summer read. The author has a keen ability to tell a compelling story and create characters that you feel like you know at the end of the book. I would recommend this book to anyone and particularly anyone wading through the corporate world, no matter what the industry. So much of this book rings true to corporate life in general--not just the airline industry.

5 StarsGrripping, February 28, 2005
Reviewer: Christi Roberts (Atlanta, GA)
Anyone who has ever worked for an airline, or just flown on one will be able to appreciate this novel. The story is engrossing and the writing style draws the reader in and does not let go. In Kevin Donovan's finely crafted novel, we are reminded that the airlines are much more than collections of airplanes and airports; and that the "miracle of flight" is due in large part to the many thousands of people who devote their careers to airlines. All past, present and future airline employees owe it to themselves to read this book.

5 StarsIntimate and detailed view from an airline insider!, March 7, 2005 Reviewer: Greg Adamo (Florham Park, NJ)
But don't let NOT being associated with an airline {If that's even possible today} stop you from absorbing this well conceived novel. Like aspects of the airline industry itself, Donovan's novel moves along with great alacrity and tension, dispensing the nuance and detail of a wildly fast moving industry and the players therein. He has captured the growth of a major airline from its infancy as well as the simultaneous personal growth, and in some cases the glaring lack of personal growth of some his primary characters. Indeed, the growth of the company and some of the individuals that comprise that very company seem to be fused together at times making the reading of this novel even more compelling. A must read for anyone in the industry or anyone outside of the industry who has even the slightest curiosity as to the inner workings of a global airline.

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