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Kevin Donovan is a 1983 graduate of Bucknell University, and native of Setauket, New York, an idyllic community on the north shore of Long Island. Soon after graduating he started work at Delta Air Lines in New York City, beginning a long tenure that would serve as the inspiration for both of his novels, AIRLINE and Rough Air.

After four years of night shifts, reservations phone calls and near poverty, Donovan moved to Salt Lake City in 1987 following Delta’s acquisition of Western Airlines. In the coming years, he would move to Atlanta, New York, and finally back to Atlanta in 1995 to work on the management of Delta’s 1996 sponsorship of the Centennial Olympic Games.

Kevin’s 21-year career at Delta afforded him many opportunities to travel, and perhaps his most avid journeys involved those to the Olympic Games. He has attended nine out of the last eleven Olympics – in Calgary, Lillehammer, Atlanta, Nagano, Sydney, Salt Lake City, Athens, Torino, and most recently, Beijing. His passion for travel and his close friendships with many Delta employees were the most compelling reasons for his long tenure at the airline.

Like many Americans, the events of 9/11 were a watershed moment for Kevin. He had always been a writer, but never one dedicated to fulfilling what he came to believe was his true calling. He began writing AIRLINE in the winter of 2001 and completed the first draft of the manuscript six months later. He has since revised and incorporated other real life events into the story that are relevant to the times we live in.

Rough Air, the sequel to AIRLINE, followed soon after - this time in the genre of a corporate murder mystery during a time that will be remembered as “the great recession”, brought on by unprecedented greed and malfeasance. Rough Air is a fitting tale for rough times.

But gratefully, good fortune has ruled. Kevin has pursued his Olympic dreams in the capacity of a Vice President at Helios Partners, a global sports marketing firm most notable for helping Sochi, Russia win the right to host the 2014 Olympic Winter Games, and for helping golf become an Olympic sport. More importantly, he proudly wed the beautiful and vivacious Heidi Hollingsworth in September of 2008, and they reside happily in Decatur, with their dog Molly, and a trio of eccentric felines.

In addition to civilized political discourse at his favorite neighborhood pub, he also enjoys running, softball, camping, trivia, and the time he spends with his family and friends.

Author of two screenplays, numerous short stories, several published essays and a set of Olympic Games memoirs, Donovan lives in Decatur, Georgia, where he is currently developing his second major work of fiction. His most recent screenplay THE NEWSMAKER – a story about a reporter who makes up stories - was a top 100 finalist in the 2004 Project Greenlight competition.