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As a long time airline employee and Olympics aficionado, Kevin had the chance to join the world at several Olympic Games. Is experience and reflections are recounted in the following memoirs:

Athens 2004Salt Lake City 2002Sydney 2000
Nagano 1998 - Torino 2006 - Beijing 2008

And if you like those, the following are available upon request: Atlanta 1996, Lillehammer 1994, Calgary 1988. E-mail Kevin Donovan.


The Newsmaker
A television reporter discovers his entertainment value by staging a series of dramatic on-the-scene reports for his news network. When finally faced with a “true” story of human suffering - a story he cares about more than his audience - he realizes the only way to save the lives of his subjects is to make their struggle entertaining. From a hurricane, to rioting in Los Angeles, to a humanitarian “war” in Sudan, The Newsmaker is timely and provocative.

A Top 100 Project Greenlight contestant for 2004, The Newsmaker is currently available for sale or option. Read the synopsis.


Subject to Change
A college student witnesses his 30th birthday ten years early, and discovers how important the people in his present are to determining the happiness of his future.


Finding our News Niche
Are facts no longer essential to fulfilling America's news junkiness? This piece explores the growing predominance of customized news, tailored to sell the consumer niches based on taste rather than truth. Read it

Fairness, Loyalty and the Corporate Trojan Horse
Excerpted in the December 31, 2004 edition of the Atlanta Journal Constitution, this essay addresses the connection between fairness and loyalty in the corporate world, and why the failure to understand these concepts indirectly led to the customer service debacle in the airline industry on Christmas Day, 2004. Read it

A Roadmap to Save Baseball
A nine step program to save the American institution of Major League Baseball, this essay first appeared in the Spring 2003 edition of the Elysian Fields Quarterly, a literary journal dedicated to baseball writing. The author provides a win-win-win solution to preserve our pastime and return it to the game we loved in our youth. Read an excerpt

Short Stories

Joseph’s Choice
An ambitious young Irish Catholic of the 1920’s makes a crucial choice to become a bootlegger – a choice that will determine the fate of his family for decades to come Read it

Happily Ever After
A young woman, driven by the social pressures of a cultural institution, must decide whether to proceed with her long planned marriage. Her bachelorette party provides the backdrop for some long overdue introspection. Read it